Aiwo from east

'Aiwo' (rarely 'Aiue', in earlier times ''Yangor'') is a district and constituency in the country Nauru, located in the west of the island. It covers an area of 1.1 km² and a population of 1300. It is sometimes called the unofficial capital city of Nauru, even though Nauru does not have an official capital city, and it is more common for Yaren to be cited as such.

The majority of Nauruan industry is located in Aiwo, including:

★ The Aiue Boulevard

★ The New Boat Port

★ The Chinatown of the island

★ The O'dn Aiwo Hotel (1 of the 2 hotels on Nauru)(the Meneng Hotel is Gov't owned;and The O'dn Aiwo is privately owned)

★ The power house

★ The Nauru Local Government Council chambers and offices

★ The NPC processing facilities and cantilever
The district returns 2 members to the Nauruan Parliament in Yaren.