Attractive Locations: Burundi

The southern round trip goes from Bujumbura by the road leading to Rumonge. At a few kilometers from Bujumbura, the tourist will stoop at the place where Livingston met with Stanely in 1871. This is not far from Bujumbura. At 60 kilometers further from Bujumbura, there is a lodging place whtih they call " Resha Center," the former Mauss castle. That lodging is managed by the "Source du Nil Hotel" in Bujumbura. There is a good restaurant and it is a nice place for swimming, skindiving or camping. The trip continues to Bururi province after having crossed a big forest with monkeys. This is a good opportunity to visit the southern Nile Source at Rutovu where a symbolic pyramid had been built by the authorities.
Symbolic pyramid of Nile river source
To visit this source, discovered in 1934 by the German explorer Burckhard Waldecker, one first has to travel to the commune of Rutovu, perched at the summit of Mount Kikizi, (2,145 meters). Starting out as a tiny trickle of water, the stream will change its name successively to Kasenyi, Kasumo, Kigira, Ruvyironza, Ruvubu, Kagera, Lake Victoria, Victoria Nile, Lake Kyoga, and Lake Albert, before finally becoming the mighty Nile, traveling for 6,700 km and almost tickling the feet of Egypt’s famous pyramids on its way to meet the Mediterranean. A symbolic pyramid has been build at Rutovu .
After Rutovu, a short visit is paid to Muhweza hot springs and the "German Falls," in the Mosso area. The way back to Bujumbura stops at Gitega and Bugarama.