Banjul - the capital of Gambia

In the spirit of contribution, I figured I'd do a report of my own. For this, I have chosen: The Republic of The Gambia. Yup, folks, that's what they call it: The Gambia. The name was officially changed from plain old Gambia to avoid coonfusion with the sound-alike coontry of Zambia.

The Gambia has the distinction of being the smallest coontry on the Apefreakan Coontinent. It is surrounded on three sides by Senegal, except for its 80KM of shoreline on the North Atlantic. The entire coontry lies completely within the flood plain of the Gambia River.

Capital: Banjul
Climate: Hot and tropical. The rainy season lasts from June to November, and the dry season from November to May

Population: 1,735,464 (July, 2008)
Birth Rate: 38.36/1000
Death Rate: 11.74/1000
HIV Prevalence: 1.2%
HIV Deaths: 600

Ethnic Groups: 99% Niggers, 1.0% Humans

Mandinka: 42%
Fula: 18%
Wolof: 16%
Joho: 10%
Serahuli: 9.0%

Language: English (Official) Mandinka, Wolof, and other assorted niggerbabbles

Religion: 90% Muslims; 10% Christians; 2.0% Nigger Superstitions

Literacy: 40.1%

Legal System: Mix of English Common Law, Islamic Law, and the Law of the Jungle

Economy: Agriculture and livestock, Processing peanuts, fish, and hides, agricultural machinery assembly, woodworking, metalworking, tourism (mainly from Europe) and slaves.

The first written accounts of the area come from Arab traders during the 9th through the 10th centuries when they established the trans-Sahara routes for trade in gold, ivory and slaves. At that time Gambia was part of the Ghana and Songhai empires. By the 15th century, the Portugese had largely taken over the Arab trade. Gambia changed hands between the Portugese, French, English, and various nigger "empires". By an agreement with France, Gambia became a Crown Colony in 1889.

It is estimated that as many as three million niggers were shipped out of the area, most sold to European slave traders by other niggers. Even though the English abolished the slave trade in 1807, it wasn't until 1906 that The Gambia finally got around to doing the same. However, this was just a legal formality as slavery is still a damn good business. From the CIA fact book:

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation; women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation - in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism - and for domestic servitude; boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging and street vending; Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling
tier rating: Tier 2 Watch List - for a second consecutive year, The Gambia is on the Tier 2 Watch List for its failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to eliminate trafficking; The Gambia failed to report any trafficking arrests, prosecutions, or convictions in 2007, and the government demonstrated weak victim protection efforts during the reporting period (2008)
Just who owes whom reparaymayshunz fo slabry?

The Gambia attained full independence on 18 Feburary, 1965 after general elections in 1962 that led to full independent internal government. The coontry was originally a constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth. It wasn't too long before the gov't proposed to become a fully consitiutional republic with an elected executive replacing the British monarch as the head of state. This proposal failed to receive the required 2/3rds supermajority it would have taken to amend the constitution. The Gambia did draw widespread world attention since this vote was by secret ballot, it was honest, and civil rights and liberties were respected. Electorial niggershines were kept to a minimum, and there was no post-election chimp outs or bongo parties. This being a distinct departure from the norm of Apefreakan politics. So, once again, we see niggers getting gold stars for what comes naturally to humans.

In a 1970 referendum, the constitution was finally changed, and a constitutional republic replaced the monarchy. President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was the president from 1970, winning re-elections, until Kukoi Samba Sanyang led a military coup in 1981. Sanyang had run for a congressional seat a few times, and lost. Finally, he chimped and tried to take by force that which he could not win fairly and squarely. President Jawara, who was then in London, appealed to the Senegalese to help put down the chimp out. After a week-long bongo party that made several hundred good niggers, the Senegalese troops put down the rebellion.

This led to the establishment of the Senegambia Confederation in 1982. The idea was to unify the militaries of both coontries under one command, to unify currencies, and establish economic co-operation. The Gambia pulled out in 1989 when the Senegal niggers proved to be utterly useless and would not hold up their part of the deal.

In July, 1994, the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) chimped and deposed the presidency of Jawara. Lt. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh (chairman of the AFPRC) became the new HNIC. The AFPRC announced a plan for the return to democratic rule. This was largely successful after The Gambia had completed election cycles for the legislature and presidency that were mostly free and fair, with minimal niggershines. Pres. Jammeh being re-elected in the 2000 elections, and re-elected to a third term in 2006.
also claims to have an herbal remedy to cure high blood pressure as well. Of course, this delusional coon refuses to allow for a scientific, peer reviewed testing of his "miracle" cures. This isn't the worst thing that crazy Aprfreakan HNICs have done.

The military's main missions include keeping out niggers from surrounding coontries that aren't doing do well, and combatting cross-border TNB from Senegal.

All things considered, this is definitely THE most successful coontry in all of Apefreaka. It has had the longest history of political stability and freedom. Despite having at least five different nigger ethnicities within its borders, The Gambia has never had anything like the coonocides that struck Rwanda and Burundi when Hutu niggers macheted Tutsi niggers by the hundreds of thousands, or the on-going coonflict between these two varieties of Coonis Africanus that are coontributing to on-going instability and bongo parties in the Niggercratic Respliblic of the Coongo and Ugroida. Literacy is sky high by Apefreakan standards, and probably by Boontroit standards as well. HIV is much less of a problem here than elsewhere on the coontinent. Even the Muslims and Christians get along remarkably well in The Gambia. The gov't remains strictly neutral, and the holidays of both religions are officially recognized and celebrated. The economy, though far from perfect, is doing remarkably well for that of a nigger run coontry. Certainly better than Chimpabwe, or Haiti. 95% of urban residents, and 75% or rural residents have clean water.