"As a Brazilian paragraphs are simply against internationalization of the Amazon." Much as our governments do not have the proper care of this heritage, it is ours. As a humanist, feeling the risk of environmental degradation that affects the Amazon, imagine its internationalization, as well as everything else that is important for humanity. If the Amazon, from a humanist ethics, must be internationalized, also internationalize the oil reserves worldwide. Oil is so important to the welfare of humanity as the Amazon to our future. Nevertheless, the owners of the reserves have the right to increase or decrease the extraction of oil and raise its price or not.

Similarly, the financial capital of the rich countries should be internationalized. If the Amazon is a reserve for all human beings, it can not be burned by the will of an owner or a country. Burn the Amazon is as serious as the unemployment caused by the arbitrary decisions of global speculators. We can not have the financial reserves serve to burn entire countries in the lust of speculation. Even before Amazon would like to see the internationalization of all the great museums of the world. The Louvre should not belong only to France. Each museum is the world's guardian of the most beautiful parts produced by the human genius. We can not let this cultural heritage, natural heritage as the Amazon, be manipulated and destroyed by the taste of an owner or a country. New York as United Nations headquarters should be internationalized. Like Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife, Moscow, Tokyo, Buenos Aires each city, with its specific beauty, its history of the world should belong to the world. If the U.S. wants to internationalize the Amazon, the risk of leaving them in the hands of Brazilians, internationalize all nuclear arsenals of the United States. Because they have shown they are capable of using these weapons, causing a destruction thousands of times greater than the deplorable burnings done in the forests of Brazil. I support the idea of internationalising the forest reserves in the world in exchange for debt. Start using this debt to ensure that every child has the world's ability to eat and go to school. Internationalize the children treating them all, no matter the country where they were born, as patrimony that deserves care worldwide. Poor children of the world as a patrimony of humanity, they should not live? As humanists, we defend the internationalization of the world. But while the world treat us as Brazilians, fight for the Amazon is ours.
Only God!.

By Luciano Mende