In the 1996 Olympic Games, Jamaica won six medals - one gold, three silver and two bronze. In the 400 metres hurdle Deon Hemmings won Jamaica's first Olympic gold medal in a female event and James Beckford won Jamaica's firt long jump medal.
One of our greatest sports personalities and olympians is Merlene Ottey, OD, who received the appoint of Ambassador at Large by the Government in 1993.

Ottey was the first female Jamaican Athlete to have won an olympic medal, and the first female in the English Speaking Caribbean to have won two olympic medals. Merlene has made and broken many track and field records and has won many awards.

Jamaica also performed well in the 1997 Junior Carifta Games, accumulating 61 medals - 28 gold, 20 silver and 13 bronze. The 1998 Carfita Track and Field Games, were held in the Hasley Crawford Stadium, Trinidad and Tobago between April 11 and 13. Jamaica dominated the games and placed first with 31 gold, 21 silver and 17 bronze medals.

Jamaica has also exhibited outstanding performances in football and netball. Jamaica currently holds the number 5 world ranking in netball.

In addition to traditional sports such as horse racing, auto racing, seasonal bird shooting and regattas, there are several `new' sports. These include ballooning and go-kart racing. Deep seas fishing tournaments are held periodically throughout the year an attract international participation.