High Knoll Fort

High Knoll Fort was built on the site of an older fortification (1799), of which no sign remains. The fort's purpose was to cover the Ladder Hill fort and as a retreat in the event of the island being overrun by the enemy. High Knoll stand almost complete, with a dry moat and drawbridge, with signs of a portcullis, cisterns, magazines, storehouses, tower and embrasures with slit walls. Dates built into the stonework over the gate read 1874 and the southern wall 1878.

This Fort is one on the island's key heritage sites and because of its central location and fairly easy access it is very popular with visitors and islanders. It is one of the few remaining fortifications on St Helena that is in a fair state and not used for housing accommodation, stores or offices and therefore can be developed as a tourist attraction.

Unfortunately, two sections of the wall has now collapsed and the fort is sadly closed until funding can be secured to carry out a structural survey and rebuild the walls and any other restoration work that may be realised as a result of the survey.

High Knoll Fort is a prominent & majestic land mark with fantastic views of Half Tree Hollow and surrounding districts.