bird2There are about 560 different species of birds in The Gambia living within six protected areas aggregating about 40,000 hectares nationwide, under the protection of the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The Gambia has remained committed to the Wildlife Act, which was singed into law as far back as 1977. This political commitment to ensure that the environment is protected as a natural resource is still at the heart of the national policy. Eco-tourism has a massive potential in The Gambia and plans are further a foot to guarantee that every major habitat within the country is covered. If this is fully implemented, five percent of the land within tiny Gambia will be protected.
A field guide to the Birds of The Gambia and Senegal

The Abuko Nature Reserve, which was established as far back as 1968, is still home to many of the birds thbird1at fly Gambian skies. There are other bird reserves in Tanji, a coastal village in the western area of the country, as well as the Kiang West National Park and the Ginack Island National Park in the Niumis. One of the most expansive and accurate testimonies recently recorded on The Gambia's huge variety of birds that flock to the tiny pin strip was unveiled a decade ago. The authors, Clive Barlow and Tim Wacher, not only placedbird3 the country on the world map, but found themselves being recipients of the award for, "The best book of the year", given annually by the British Birds Magazine. The book, "A Field Guide to Birds of The Gambia and Senegal", illustrates the variety that The Gambia has, in its numbers, colors, types, as well as emphasizes the true potential to do great things with such a rare resource.

During the midday sun, or even the cool evening, when the sun melts into the horizon, and the moon peeps out of the sparkling skies littered with stars, there are always sights and sounds of birds everywhere. The Gambia is a paradise for many things, most of all it is certainly a dreamland for birds and those who love watching them. Come join us so that we can listen, look and learn with the bliss of being in the country where beautiful birds of very different feathers actually flock together.