Islands of the South Atlantic Ocean has inspirered artists from all over the world to catch moments of islander's life as well as the nature on and around Ascension - St Helena and Tristan da Cunha.

We are proud to present the works of the Swedish artist Roland Svensson, the Dutch artist Rolf Weijburg and the Swiss artist (of St Helena origin) Iris Linsi.

Mr Roland Svensson, (1910-2003), gave us permission to publicise all his works from the islands of St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. Most of his works are in private hands. His paintings and lithos from the Stockholm Archipelago are highly approved in Sweden. His works from South Atlantic Islands are not knowned for the major public in Sweden.

During several years, Mr Rolf Weijburg travelled around the South Atlantic Ocean and also visited the Islands. His colour-etchings from Ascension-St Helena-Tristan is part of a series called "L'Afrique Périphérique", consisting of some 70 etchings from all of the islands around Africa.

Iris Linsi is a St Helena-born poet and painter now living in Switzerland. During a 4-months stay on St Helena in 1994 (the first visit since her childhood) she had a small exhibition. Now she is preparing a book (a 500 years history) and 12 paintings will illustrate her work.

With kind permissions from the artists.