Flag of Saint Helena
Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. More than 900.000 have visited this webpage since its unofficial start in May 1996. It is now established as one of the most popular for information on St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. This site is situated in Sweden and hence the extension .se. It is a non-profit-making website managed by volunteers who have an enduring interest in St Helena's social, political and environmental history and the island's current affairs.

The island has two museums. Longwood House, Napoleon's home during the last years of his life has exhibits which make it the best Napoleonic museum in the world.

The island's own excellent museum is managed by the Heritage Society. This museum is situated in Jamestown. It is the island's only town and retains many of the Georgian buildings built in the heyday of sailing ships. This museum overlooks the harbour where the East India Company’s ships anchored to rest their crews and take on fresh provisions. St Helena was a welcome port of call after many months at sea on the return voyage from India.

There are two National Parks. One helps protect some of the rare flora on the central ridges. Several of these species can only be found on St Helena. The second, at Sandy Bay on the southern coast, protects further rare native species and the spectacular geological structures which are a legacy of St Helena’s volcanic origins. Spectacular and beautiful landscapes are everywhere on St Helena, as the photographs on this website will testify. Both National Parks and several of the Protected Areas offer unique and idyllic landscapes for walking and photography.

Surveys and assessments of possible airport construction on the island have been made and are continuing. At present, the only way to visit the island is by the island's own ship. The Royal Mail Ship St Helena can be boarded at Cape Town, Walvis Bay or Ascension Island. Andrew Weir Shipping - operates this ship for The St Helena Line.