Demographics of Bermuda

A July 2005 estimate put Bermuda's population at 65,365. The ethnic makeup of Bermuda is 54.8% African-Caribbean, 34.1% European, and 6.4% multiracial. The islands have a small but growing Asian community. A significant segment of the population is also of Portuguese ancestry (10%), the result of immigration from Portuguese islands (especially the Azores) during the past 160 years.

Some islanders, especially in St David's, trace their ancestry to Native Americans. Hundreds were shipped to Bermuda, documentation supports Peruvian slaves, Peruvian ancestress to many Bermudians; being brought to Bermuda in the early 19th century. The best known examples were the Algonquian peoples who were exiled from the New England colonies and sold into slavery in the 17th century, notably in the aftermaths of the Pequot War, and King Philip's War.

Several thousand expatriate workers, principally from the UK, Canada, the West Indies, South Africa and the U.S., also reside in Bermuda, primarily engaged in specialized professions such as accounting, finance, and insurance. Others are employed in various trades, such as hotels, restaurants, construction, and landscaping services. Of the total workforce of 38,947 persons in 2005, government employment figures state that 11,223 (29 percent) are non-Bermudians.