Health and public safety

There are three hospitals in the country. Two are on Grand Cayman; the other on Cayman Brac. There is a satellite clinic on Little Cayman.

Dr Devi Shetty has announced plans to build a major medical facility: The 2000-bed Narayana Cayman University Medical Centre[citation needed] with a medical university will be built to train doctors as well. A total of US$2 billion in capital expenditure is budgeted for the facility.

In 2007, an MRI unit was installed at the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, replacing the one destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. In 2009, a stand-alone Open MRI facility was opened. This centre provides MRI, CT, X-Ray and DEXA (Bone density) scanning. Also housed in this building is the Heart Health Centre, which provides Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiography and Cardiac Stress Testing.

For divers and others in need of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, there is a two-person recompression chamber at the Cayman Islands Hospital on Grand Cayman, run by Cayman Hyperbaric Services. The same organization has built a hyperbaric unit at Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac.

The islands have their own police force, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIP). Regular off-shore marine patrols are conducted by the RCIP and Grand Cayman is a port of call for the United States Coast Guard.