Fiji is blessed with a tropical South Sea maritime climate without great extremes of heat or cold. The islands lie in area which is occasionally traversed by tropical cyclones, and mostly confined between the months of November to April every year. On the average some ten to twelve cyclones per decade affect some parts of Fiji, and two to three cyclones can be very severe. At all seasons the predominant winds over Fiji are the Trade Winds from the east to south - east. On the western and eastern sides of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu however, day time breezes blow in across the coast.

In general, the winds over Fiji are light or moderate, the most persistent being in the period July - December. Temperatures average 22°Celsius (72 °F) for the cooler months (May to October) while (November to April) temperatures are higher with heavy downpours. Although rainfall is highly variable, the average rainfall increases steadily inland from coastal areas. It usually increases between December - April, especially over the larger islands, but in May - October it is often deficient, particularly in the dry zone on the western and northern sides of the main islands.