Parrot of Fiji


Fiji's flora and fauna are relatively few in number but are of exceptional scientific interest because of the higher proportion of endemic forms - i.e. those found nowhere else in the world. Ten per cent of the 476 indigenous Fijian plant species identified are endemic. Fiji also has a few rare reptiles and birds. Notable of this, is the Crested Iguana, found only in some parts of Fiji namely Yadua Taba in Bua and the Yasawas.

Other rare species include the Fiji burrowing snake, Fiji petrel, the pink billed parrot finch, the red throat lorikeet and the long legged warbler. Two researches in conjunction with the Fiji Museum found bones of crocodiles, giant tortoises and giant Fiji pigeons during one of their projects. The crocodiles were around two and a half meters long and the giant iguanas a meter and a half long. The amended bones of these long extinct animals were found in the Volivoli and Qarinivokai caves which is situated to the West of Sigatoka dunes.