Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama with the Brazilian Secretary General for Asia Pacific Region, Ms Maria Edileuza Reis

The Federative Republic of Brazil has confirmed it will reciprocate Fiji’s opening of a diplomatic mission in Brasilia by establishing its mission in Suva. Brazilian Secretary General for Asia Pacific Region, Ms Maria Edileuza Reis gave an assurance to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama today. She expressed Brazil’s intention to open up a resident mission for Brazil in Suva as soon as possible. “Brazil is looking to further develop close cooperation with Pacific island countries and the Fiji mission in Brasilia could be a start in engaging and enhancing cooperation,” Ms Reis said.

“A mechanism for political consultations is being developed between Brazil and Fiji and this is a step forward in further strengthening our bilateral relations. Once in place this will provide a way forward for our two countries in coordinating positions with regards to multilateral issues.” Commodore Bainimarama urged Brazilian companies and the Government that Fiji’s opening of its mission in Brasilia was not only intended for Fiji alone but should be seen as a window for Brazil for more trade and economic opportunities to other Pacific island States.

“Our resident presence here not only provides an opportunity to know and understand Fiji and to gain access to the Fijian market but it also gives Brazil and South Americans an entry to the wider Pacific region,” he said.

“Fiji being the hub of the Pacific small island countries is the conduit for accessing the wider Pacific region. It is for this reason that many countries like USA, and multilateral agencies such as the World Health Organisation and United Nations Development Programme use Fiji as their headquarters to service other Pacific island States.

“I would urge the Brazilian Government to take advantage of this new relationship we have now and consider the establishment of a resident mission of the Brazilian Government in Fiji.”

This mission he said could serve the other Pacific small island countries also. The Fijian Government will work on a mechanism to see that all necessary arrangements are made for the opening of a diplomatic mission for Brazil in Fiji. “The Fijian Government today commits that it will provide all the necessary assistance for the establishment of your Mission in Suva,” the Prime Minister said.