1 - Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) is the "capital of the violence," is known for wars between drug cartels and organized crimes associated with drug trafficking. In 2009, 2,658 people were murdered and related to these problems. Only the first ten days of January this year 100 people were killed and associated with organized crime cases.
2 - Caracas (Venezuela): The murders in the capital of Venezuela have increased since President Hugo Chavez took power. In just ten days after Christmas 2009, 220 people were murdered in Caracas.
3 - New Orleans (USA): the state of Louisiana, young and corruption go hand in hand and involved in drug trafficking. The ineffectiveness of the judicial system is the main cause pointing that this is the most violent city in the United States.
4 - Tijuana (Mexico): The sixth largest city in the Mexican is known by the struggles enter rivals for control of drug trafficking. In all, 15,000 people have died since President Felipe Calderon declared war on drug trafficking.
5 - Cape Town (South Africa): The attack on immigrants xenophobia and mark the day-to-day city. The serious public health problems and drug related crimes are also a constant.
6 - Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea): The capital of Papua New Guinea, living under the reins of violence and juvenile crime. In 2009 there were 54 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. The corruption and unemployment are also problems.