The St Helena Government has brought various SHG functions and together, including the Secretariat and the Strategic Policy and Directorate, to form a new group - Corporate Services - which will provide professional services to SHG and manage the business of Government. The team is overseen by Chief Secretary Owen O'Sullivan.

The bringing together of corporate functions marks a move towards more strategic support to Government and away from reactive administration and ad-hoc arrangements.

*Corporate Services* encompasses the operations of the Elected Members in Council and Committees, the Public Service, the Judiciary, Strategic Policy and Planning, Human Resources, Public Relations, Information Management, Public Service Modernisation, Statistics, Information Technology (joining in July) and Internal Audit. Most of these functions will co-locate in the Castle, with Human Resources moving from Main Street to the Castle in September.

A Functional Review carried out in November 2011 confirmed the logic of bringing these cross-cutting corporate functions together, the synergies thereby released and the resultant administrative rationalisation made possible.

*Corporate Services,* now operational, with effect from 1 April 2012, is already showing the productivity benefits of supporting the business of Government in a more systematic, co-ordinated and strategic manner.

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