Mauritius v United Kingdom
Mauritius v United Kingdom is a pending arbitration case concerning the status of the Chagos Archipelago and the attempts of the United Kingdom government to create a Marine Protected Area in British Indian Ocean Territory. The dispute is being arbitrated by the Permanent Court of Arbitration .

Professor Ivan Shearer (President)
Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood CMG QC
Judge Albert Hoffmann
Judge James Kateka
Judge Rüdiger Wolfrum

Disputes over arbiters
In 2011 the government of Mauritius used the Permanent Court of Arbitration to challenge Sir Christopher Greenwood's role in the arbitration proceedings on the grounds that his role as a UK Foreign and Commonwealth legal adviser could bias him in favour of the United Kingdom's claims to the Chagos Islands. However this was rejected by the Court on the basis that this "neither constituted nor continued an already existing relationship."