Yueyang is located at the confluence of Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River, Yueyang is an important city open to foreign investment. Yueyang has been famous in China for the picturesque Dongting Lake and gorgeous Yueyang Tower since ancient times. Dongting Lake, which stretches vastly into the skyline, is like a fancy satin belt encircling the ancient city of Yueyang.

Yueyang is a prefecture-level city in the Hunan province of China, on the shores of Dongting Lake. The Yueyang metropolitan area occupies 5,799 sq. mi. and the city proper occupies 318 sq. mi. The population is 5,100,000.The city's most famous attraction is the Yueyang Tower. It is twinned with Numazu, Japan.

The area now called Yueyang has been inhabited for over 3,000 years. It was originally established as a prefecture called Hanchang in 210 BC during the Three Kingdoms period.

It is also a 2,500-year-old cultural city. Its lovely scenery and cluster of places of historical interest draw large numbers of Chinese and overseas tourists every year. Under the Song Dynasty (AD 960-AD 1279) it was heavily fortified, with walls 4 miles in circumference, and became the seat of the military prefecture of Yueyang, whence its present name. During the Taiping Rebellion, its capture by the rebels in AD 1852 was an important stage in their advance up the Yangtze River valley to Nanjing. At the time of the foundation of the Republic of China in AD 1911, it became a county, taking the name Yueyang.

In Yueyang Tower, Fan Zhongyan, an outstanding official in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), sighed with feeling and said: “Be the first to worry about the affairs of the nation and the last to enjoy oneself." The tower stands on the ancient city, and looks down at Dongting Lake with a vast expanse of water covered by mist and fog. In the long process of history, Yueyang Tower has attracted numerous literati, where they composed poems and appreciated the fascinating scenery, making the tower become a cultural landmark of Yueyang City. The Miluo River where QuYuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient China drowned himself for the country is still flowing silently. Strolling along Qu Yuan Shrine, only in Woken Man Pavilion and Lament Altar, tourists will feel the poet's loyalty to the country from every piece of grass, every tree, table and couplet.

There are a total of six colleges and polytechnic schools and several medical schools, among which the major national level educational institution is Hunan Institute of Science and Technology.

The city has convenient transport. The railway between Beijing and Guangzhou, the expressway from Beijing to Zhuzhou and the No.107 national highway run from north to south through Yueyang. The Yangtze River flows through the city from west to east. The new Dongting lake bridge and the Yangtze River Bridge at Jingzhou connect the city with the western part of Hubei Province and the eastern part of Chongqing Municipality. Chenglingji is the city’s natural harbor on the river.

Yueyang is a newly rising industrial city, with the production of petrochemicals as its leading industry. There are now five other pillar industries in the city—feed grains, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and building materials and paper making. Yueyang’s principal economic indices rank second in the province. By the end of 2002, there were 821 approved projects using foreign investment. Shell from the Netherlands, Mitsubishi from Japan and five other foreign companies from among the world’s 500 leading enterprises have invested in the city.

Thanks to its time-honored culture, Yueyang's modernization drive is developing vigorously. With the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship as the representative to display the city's image, Yueyang is marching toward the world with a brand-new look, and attracting friends from all over the world with its unique glamour.