Spain found the body of an unidentified creature.

The body is nearly 5 feet long and is already in an advanced state of decomposition. He was found on a beach called Almeria. Local authorities called specialists in marine biology, but no scientist succeeded, so far, to identify the species of animal.

The Promar, organization, protection and conservation of marine nature posted several pictures of the animal and sent to various specialists to review.

The corpse of the supposed giant "fish" was taken from the sea by some swimmers. Apparently, the remains were strung on a sort of rope. Civil Defence volunteers cordoned off the area at the request of both environmental protection agencies to ensure better conditions for research and investigation.

Some experts commented, unofficially, that can deal with some kind of mammal, but others believe that the information is false.

No DNA test was done and the costs of future analyzes were with Promar and Seprona. The body of the animal, strangely, was buried after data collection.

What attracts the attention of onlookers and conspiracy theorists is the attitude of the bodies to bury it rather than leave it exposed or kept for further analysis.