STRIPED BANANA (Musa a'e a'e)


Ae Ae banana or Striped banana (Musa a'e a'e) means " prematurely gray hair ' and is a maoli variety of banana in Hawaii . Maybe it's just a mutation in tissue culture that can give the plant and the fruits look similar the stripes . leaves of the banana plant has green and white colors, and bear fruit with the same characteristics . fruit is ripe when they procure and tasty dishes with raw or cooked fruit, especially in desserts can be done . This banana is very rare and its price is very high in the market when found . only one in four young plants maintain the same variety from the rhizome of the mother , ie , every four seedlings of a species of striped banana, just keeps the same characteristics of the mother rhizome . 's why this variety of banana is rare . This variety has colorful , green and white leaves, and some even have pink margins on their petioles . such variety is very picky as to soil and climate. needs some special care to develops : acid soil ( pH 6.0 or lower ), partial shade and protection from strong winds and to prevent drying and burning sun.