Unusual Fish
Unusual fish are types of tropical fish that just don’t fit any of the typical groups. This a collection of the odd fish containing various true bony fish such as the Arapaima and Butterflyfish, pseudo-bony fish like the gar, pike, and sturgeonfish, as well as lungfish and a bunch of other strange fish. These specimens make fascinating aquarium inhabitants, and an impressive display of unique showpieces for top-notch aquarists.

There are many true bony fish and pseudo-bony fish families, and they are found in both freshwater and sea water. Odd fish included here are true bony fish families that often have very few species, sometimes containing only one. The pseudo-bony fish are most closely related to the true bony fishes, and are very similar, but they are much older in an evolutionary sense. Lungfish, also known as salamanderfish, are also some very primitive fish but there are very few species.

These fish are truly unique aquarium specimens. The unusual fish species list below includes familiar varieties and lesser known species of rather strange fish. Each fish guide has in-depth fish information including their places of origin, habitats and behaviors as well as the fish care needed for successfully keeping them in the aquarium. Fish pictures are also provided within each fish guide to help with fish identification and to aid in choosing pet fish.

Placed in their own sections are true bony fish and pseudo-bony fish families that contain a number of species. True bony fish types include cyprinids (barbs, danios), characins (tetras), catfish, eels, elephant snout fish, killifish, knifefish, loaches, hillstream loaches, and puffers. Pseudo-bony fish types include families like bichers and ropefish.